Compare Plugins In Presonus Studio One

Compare Plugins In Presonus Studio One

Sometimes I find myself wanting to compare plugins in Presonus Studio One, for reasons like –

* Does the Waves LA-2 sound much worse than the UAD one on this track

* Would a Distressor plugin be a better choice than an 1176

* Would the 1176 Rev A be a better option than the Rev E plugin

I’m sure you get the idea…

Anyway I always found it a little frustrating that there seemed no easy way of comparing plugins in Presonus Studio One in an instant manner, i’m not sure that the ability to do this is really a common feature in other DAWs either, but the whole turn plugin a off followed by turning plugin b on thing really doesn’t help when you are trying to compare the subtleties, having a brief moment with neither plugin activated can be quite a hinderance.

Anyway, a very helpful person in a Facebook group provided a great solution to me for this, (there’s another workaround for this that involves duplicating an audio track and selecting both but it’s not quite as smart and wouldn’t work well work for busses.)


1. Open one of the plugins and click the ‘Macro Controls’ button

2. Click the spanner

3. Choose ‘Button 1’ in the left hand column

4. Expand the folder of the first plugin in the right hand column

5. Select ‘Bypass’

6. Click ‘Add Target’

7. Expand the folder of the second plugin (the one that you want to toggle the bypass on)

8. Select ‘Bypass’

9. Click ‘Add Target’

10. Beneath where it says “Trans.” in the headings click click in the row of one of the plugins.

You should end up with something like this

11. Click the spanner again

You can then use the button labelled ‘Bypass +’ to switch between the two plugins instantly.

You could then assign this to a MIDI controller button if you wish.


For more info on on Presonus Studio One see –

– maximus