Control Harrison Mixbus With Softube Console 1

Console1 & Mixbus

Control Harrison Mixbus Softube Console 1

As I have a Softube Console 1 I figured it would be worth trying to get it to control Mixbus via MIDI. This is the 2.0 version and there are some significant improvements over the previous, such as buttons now work with one press, EQ for mixbusses is now using the same knobs as channels and mixbus sends have been added.

This version is only compatible with Mixbus 32C version 5 and up (as far as I am aware) .

For version Mixbus 4 and the original version of 32C the details are here.

So, here’s the details on how to control harrison mixbus with softube console 1.

The Mapping

control harrison mixbus softube console 1


The Template

Softube Console 1 – Mixbus 32C V5 MIDI Map 2.0

The Mixbus 32C template has been tested with Mixbus 32C 5.1.0 , the latest version at time of writing.

Known Issues

1. Hi and Lo EQ Shelf/Bell switches need more than 1 click to change state..
2. Drive on Master channel does not work , it will move your last selected mixbusses drive instead, so watch out for that.


Installation Instructions

A. Install The MIDI Map File to Mixbus


  1. Download and unzip the map file
    Softube Console 1 – Mixbus 32C V5 MIDI Map 2.0
  2. Go to applications
  3. Right Click or
  4. Select ‘Show Package Contents”
  5. Navigate to Content > Resources > midi_maps
  6. Paste the downloaded .map file in to the midi_maps
  7. Close finder


Place the map file in –

C:\Program Files\Mixbus32C-5\share\ardour4\midi_maps


Place the map file in –


B. Force Console 1 to MIDI Mode

Console one only sends out MIDI CC data when it cannot connect to the console 1 system application. In order to force MIDI CC data to be transmitted close the console 1 app from the status bar

control harrison mixbus softube console 1

IMPORTANTNext make sure that you next unplug and replug the USB cable from your console 1 hardware, otherwise the change to send out CC data won’t take effect.

C. Configure Mixbus Preferences

    1. Launch Mixbus and go to menu Mixbus4 > Preferences > Control Surfaces
      Select ‘Enable’ for Generic MIDI
    2. With ‘Generic MIDI’ still selected click ’Show Protocol Settings’

control harrison mixbus softube console 1
Set the protocol settings as follows –

control harrison mixbus softube console 1

  1. Go to menu Mixbus4 > Preferences > MIDI Ports – Set up console 1 as per the following screenshotcontrol harrison mixbus softube console 1
  2. Close preferences.


That’s it, you should now be able to use Console 1 with Mixbus, happy twiddling!


For more info on Softube Console 1 visit –

For more info on Harrison Mixbus see –


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